Fairytale Vegas. (fairytalevegas) wrote,
Fairytale Vegas.

Announcing New Photo Series/Book: Four!

I’m undertaking my biggest project yet. I’ve been dreaming for the longest time of releasing a book of my photography, however, I wanted there to be a theme to it, and not have it just be a random collection of photos. I finally have come up with a concept for the book.

I’ve started working on “Four,” a photo series based on four letter words. Most people are quick to associate four letter words with vulgarities. Others think of “love.” I started noticing exactly how many words are four letters, and how there was such variety in meanings. I’ve been gathering words from different sources and have a list of over 70 potential words. These will be narrowed down to 44, which will be featured in the book.

Having 44 words means having 44 photoshoots. That is a lot of photoshoots, meaning I need a lot of models. If you’re interested in modeling, please send in an application! No experience is necessary.

Applications can be found here:

If you’d like to help out in any way, shape, or form, please email Lauren@FairytaleVegas.com. Right now, I need models, studio spaces in NY, publishing help, and so much more. If you’re willing to share your services, don’t be afraid to get in touch!
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