Fairytale Vegas. (fairytalevegas) wrote,
Fairytale Vegas.

missing her.

it's been a year.

i think about her every day. she's changed my life.

i spoke at her funeral. i told my favorite story about her. it was march 12th when i said it, so forgive the paraphrasing, i don't quite remember the word for word.

my grandmother loved to dance. my favorite memory of her was at my father's 50th birthday party. the song 'hot in here' by nelly came on, and for those of you who are unaware, those lyrics are quite provocative. naturally, i tried to get my grandmother off the dance floor for that one, but she wouldn't stop dancing. she never stopped dancing.

when i visited her at the assisted living center where she lived for the last years of her life, the first thing i noticed was her in the common room dancing. always dancing. the nurses there loved her spirit and energy.

alzheimer's got the best of her. i did not visit her in her last year, because it was something i could not gather the strength to see- my grandmother- my light, my inspiration- in a wheelchair. she could not dance. she was not herself. i could not deal with what the disease had done to her soul and her body.

when she passed, i was not sad. because now i know, for a fact, she is dancing again.



and you know i had to post this one:
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