Fairytale Vegas. (fairytalevegas) wrote,
Fairytale Vegas.


Why, hello there.

First off:
New photos of World/Inferno. Go check em out, they rock.


So as you've probably read, I'm trying to help my friends animal shelter win money so animals can live. Yay!


So where's the free shizzy?

Here's the dealio.

-First person to get 10 people to vote for the shelter gets a free 5x7 print of their choice.

-First to get 20 gets an 8x12.

-First to get 30 gets one of each and an awesome award.

How will I tell? Have your recruitees send me an email (fairytalevegas@gmail.com) when they vote with the subject line "Referred by (insert recruiters name here)" Make sure the email has the name of the person in it who voted. Don't lie. That'd be messed up. Severely. The lives of puppies are at stake. Don't cheat them for a free print. Meanie.

Tags: achs, cute little animals, free shizzy, personal, sean, shameless begging
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